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Hello everyone! In this blogpost I will share my experience with starting my own business as a student. I always dreamed of having my hobby as a job and now I can finally start the adventure.



Everything started almost a year ago, when I felt really down for a long time. I was very insecure about my work and decided to do a rebrand. I made a simple website with my portfolio items to show my best work to potential clients.

I started by contacting publishers of children’s books and magazines if they needed an illustrator for a project, but unfortunately they didn’t need me. Because I followed a lot of artists on YouTube who were freelancing and had an own shop, I was inspired to sell some of my work. At the beginning I didn’t really have a plan, or good designs to sell, so that wasn’t really successful. After a while I decided to stop for a few months to prepare everything for when I had a better plan.

After that I kept thinking nonstop about what and how I could sell my own products. I decided I wanted to do a pop-up store, and secondhand clothing also was something that popped up in my mind. I started to design t-shirts, better prints and thought about extra products I could sell that fitted the ‘upcycle’ theme.

Me and my boyfriend also started a YouTube channel, because I jokingly said we should start making video’s. Eventually it seemed a great way to create memories for later!

He also helped me with the whole progress. Because he wanted a screen printing set a few years ago, we decided we were going to print all the t-shirts ourselves. We wanted to make everything by hand and that became a part of our brand.

One day I saw a post on Facebook about a building that offered shops to be rented. I immediately contacted them and the shop that was available was the cheapest to rent (hooray!). I was (still am) so excited about this shop. It has such a great vibe! Beside that you could also have a drink or eat something and check out other people’s work.

I had everything planned out, now I still needed to pay everything. Because I was doing an internship for a few months I didn’t have time to work and save up money. I explained everything to my parents and I guess, because I had such a terrible year before this one, they let me to borrow some money. They were kind of sceptical about it, but they realized it was a big opportunity for me to have a great experience.

At last I contacted some people about how to become an official company. I signed and payed everything and it was as simple as that! Because I didn’t follow a course about business management, I have to wait until the first of September to start everything.

Now I’m waiting to start the production of all the items. I have June and August to prepare everything and in September the products will be launched online and offline. I will make studio vlogs to keep you up to date, as it would seem interesting to me to follow the whole progress.

I will keep you guys updated about this experience, so you can follow everything from the start till (hopefully someday) successful business.

See you next time!


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