August 2018 | Some recommendations

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Hi everyone! I decided to start making monthly blogposts with some tips, updates about the store and more. This month was full of screen printing fun and other preparations for the shop. I also bought some books that could be interesting to other creators. Read more if you’re interested!


Books I recommend

Show your work! by Austin Kleon is a very fun written book about getting your work out in the crowd. It’s filled with knowledge and quotes I want to share with everyone. It’s not very specific, so it can be applied to any kind of creation (illustration, writing, photography,…). Another book you may know from him is Steal like and artist.

Becoming a successful illustrator by Derek Brazell & Jo Davies is a very handy book if you want to know about all the ins and outs of freelancing and illustrating. It gives some helpful questions you can ask yourself throughout the process of becoming an illustrator.

Leave Your Mark by Aliza Licht is a fun and interesting book about the journey towards the fashion industry. You can learn a lot about the progress of becoming successful with your job. It’s a fun read while also getting some tips!

Brainfog studio | Illustration and Design


A tutorial for you

For this month I’m including our sketchbook tutorial, so you can make your own (or you could buy one at our store of course). Besides a tutorial it also is a behind the scenes of our shop!


Shop updates

As usual we did a lot for our store, we printed most of our designs (as it took a while to find out how to print). We finished our sketchbooks and the ecological packaging arrived! Yes, our packaging is actually 100% ecological, we bought it on The A4 sleeves for our A4 prints and our t-shirts are biodegradable, which is awesome. And oh yeah, we got a message saying our pop-up store isn’t going to continue in Kortrijk, but we have an upcoming event in Lochristi! So don’t forget to visit us on the 15th of September! I will provide some vegan food. If you can’t come then, you can visit our stand at the eco, fair and second-hand market at Ghent the week after our event.

Brainfog studio | Illustration and Design


Instagram pic of the month

We have a lot to choose from, but one of my favourites is this picture of our butt print:

Brainfog studio | Illustration and Design


Other youtuber I recommend

If you’re into vlogs of illustrators (I know I am) I can definitely recommend Holly Exley. I wish we were as active and interesting on Youtube, but for now you can watch her video’s (and she’s vegan!). I’ve honestly learned a lot from her, she talks about a lot of topics. Go have a look 🙂

Brainfog studio | Illustration and Design

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