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Do you enjoy the playful things in life? Do you have a positive mindset and want to change the world?
Are you a dreamer just like us? Good, welcome to Brainfog!
Contributing to the world and environment doesn't have to be boring and ANYONE can do it.
We'll show you how.

Are you looking for a fun gift for yourself or a friend? We design eco-friendly and fun items for you to enjoy.


What's very important to us is that everything we produce is done ecologically and doesn't create extra waste.


Our illustrations and designs aren't boring, they give a feeling of playfulness and cheerfulness that appeals to all kinds of people.


Our products are handmade. We like textures and subtle imperfections, they make every project unique in its own way.


We use color wisely. Color makes our designs stand out, they really set the mood for a project.

2 months ago
Clara H.
(verified owner)
The pom pom earrings look so wonderful! I can‘t wait to wear them!!! Would recommend! Also they would make a very cute gift fot a friend!

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