October 2018 | Happy Halloween! | Brainfog Eco Illustration & Design Studio

October 2018 | Happy Halloween!

Hi everyone! Happy Halloween to all of you (and if you’re reading this later, I hope you’re having a good day anyway). I have a lot to share with you about October! I worked a lot for school, we entered a competition, we made a lot of YouTube video’s and more. We’ll try to recap in this blogpost.

Product shots

So as you know our webshop went live a month ago and before we went live we took time to shoot good product shots. Because let’s be honest, what is a webshop without good pictures? We recently made a video giving tips about shooting pictures for your store. You can watch it here:


Ohh Deer competition

We were so excited when we saw Ohh Deer was hosting a competition. The winner could become a member of their illustration team! You had to design a cushion (up to 5 entries). We immediately sent in our designs and we even ordered two of them because we were so curious about how they’d look like.

Brainfog studio | Eco Illustration and Design

Brainfog studio | Eco Illustration and Design

They look very lovely as you can see!


Meeting with our digital printing company

A while ago we had a meeting with someone from a printing company who showed us all the possibilities they offer. A whole new world opened up to us as we now had a lot of options to print on recycled paper. Their inks are also biodegradable, which is great! We are considering to stay a client for a while. We are talking about Zquadra from Kortrijk, Belgium, by the way.


Upcoming: zines and soap

At the moment they are busy printing our very first zines! You can already view our zine online here. It will be on recycled paper, including an A5 sticker sheet. They will soon be for sale for €10 on our webshop, and we’re hoping to sell them at other retailers as well. Our soap packaging is also being printed! We decided to go with a simple sleeve. You can already preorder a soap bar here.

Brainfog's Vrolijke Plaatjes


New personal brand

I started working on another brand for myself (Eva Baete). It will be for more serious designs, like websites, apps, branding,… You can watch my projects here. I also took some time to do the brand identity. Here you can see my resume and business cards.


Instagram pic of the month

Because it’s Halloween today we decided to go with this illustration we made.

Brainfog studio | Eco Illustration and Design


Other Youtuber I recommend

For this month we recommend Shelbizleee, a Youtuber who makes a lot of video’s about eco-friendly living. Because our brand is focussed on this lifestyle, we definitely recommend watching her content. It’s very educational and we’ve already learned so much from her video’s. Go check her out!

Brainfog studio | Eco Illustration and Design


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