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Brainfog is a creative studio / online shop based in Kortrijk, Belgium.
Our focus is illustration, design and ecofriendly living.
We want to help the world in our own way, one step at the time.
We make products for charity, we create items that help with your ecofriendly lifestyle
and all materials used to create our products are durable and recyclable or biodegradable.
Brainfog is ran by Eva Baete, a 22 year old student and entrepreneur, with the help of Evert Mussche.
We are pretty average people, living a normal life, but just as you we want to contribute to the world and this is our way of doing so.
By the way, we also are against animal cruelty and in favor of equality for everyone!
Vibrant colors are used to make our work stand out and a handmade feel is a must.
Since 2018 we sell our products on our online shop and on several events.
We ship worldwide!

What are our values?
Making a difference: we want to inspire others to take care of the planet and each other.
Fairness: we will always try to do 'the right' thing.
Fun: A serious subject doesn't have to be boring, it can be handled in a more playful way.

Why do we call ourselves an ecological company?
1. Everything we make is done ecologically to reduce as much waste as possible. We always think about the impact of every product.
2. We create different campaigns that promote a more eco-friendly lifestyle, like our Upcycle collection and our soap we sold for charity that helps cleaning the ocean.
3. We post tips on our social media to help people so they can live a bit more ecofriendly.

Where does our name originate from?
Brainfog isn't fun. You feel down, anxious and tired.
One day Eva felt really bad and decided to turn something bad into something positive.
It was a new start, a new passion that turned into Brainfog as we know it.

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