Brainfog's Terms and conditions | Brainfog Eco Illustration & Design Studio

Brainfog’s Terms and conditions

  • We send out our orders once a week.
  • If you’ve ordered a downloadable item you’ll be able to download it after payment.
  • We accept Paypal.
  • If we have sent the package, there’s no way to cancel or send back the order. Send us a message if there’s something wrong with your item(s).
  • We aren’t responsible for bent or damaged packaging.
  • If your order isn’t complete, we’ll send the rest without shipping costs!
  • After ordering something from our shop you’ll be asked to sign up to our mailing list and after you’ve received the package you’ll be asked to write a review.
  • The newsletter is sent when it fits our schedule, there are no specific days we send our mails (yet).
  • Don’t use/copy/sell our work/illustrations and don’t repost it without giving credit.